Marble Floor Polishing – Coloured

Polishing Marble and Stone flooring colored like Botticino, Emperador, Verde Alpi, Portoro .. These kind of Marbles need to be resined to close the natural cracks and holes present in natural marble.
If you do not perform optimally with this resin, the floor will result difficult to clean and natural holes and cracks of these marbles on the floor will be filled with dirt and bacteria, really not good for environment for living.
We can with technical specifications and resins to finish any floors to perfection, just as is done in the factory of marble production as we are not only skilled masons polishers but especially with more than 20 years of experience.
A marble floor so treated will be easy to wash with all the closed pores and defects.
After final polishing, we recommend treating with our exclusive Nanotechnology sealer for water and stain resistant, that is also antibacterial and certified for food.